The Death of Deletion

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OOPSLA XIX Memewatch (Installment #1)

The internet never forgets. The prospect of a parrot who siits on you shoulder should cause us to seriously think about refactoring the Fourth Amendment.

Like others here, I've been tinkering with Google's Desktop indexing tool. It's powerful, even wonderful, but rubs your nose in just how hard it is becoming to make things go away.

This is a lesson that ought to have been made clear to me a few OOPSLA's ago when I was party to accidentally exposing the URL's a series of purportedly anonymous reviews to the all-seeing eyes of the Google bots. Once anything leaks out of the bottle, its next to impossible to get it back in.

Still, I've been realizing I use my harddrives as if they were worm drives. An embarassment of storage riches is but one prong in the advance of this age of abundance...

Sure I could just Google it, but I like to listen to the way Grandpa tells it...
--Thomas Jay Peckish II


I like this very much.

Proof again that you are a strong and sensitive voice, one of very few within the cloister of silicon mandarins, who truly has a heart.

Unless you're being ironic again, goddamit.

Two levels of irony are nearly indistinguishable from sincerity, after all...

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