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Thomas Jay Peckish II on Programmers


Programmers are the handmaidens of change...
--Thomas Jay Peckish II

Pattern / Not a Pattern


Can you tell which of these are not official Gang ‘o’ Four™ Patterns? (from a hyper-caffeinated airplane ride):

  1. Accomodator
  2. Mutilator
  3. Wrapper
  4. Prognosticator
  5. Bill of Goods
  6. Walker
  7. Manifest
  8. Template Factory
  9. Chain of Custody
  10. Mutator
  11. Concrete Factory
  12. Accessor
  13. Chain of Misery
  14. Coordinator
  15. Trojan Horse
  16. Reactor
  17. Collaborator
  18. Callback Function
  19. Masquerade
  20. Abstract Class
  21. Collector
  22. Parasite
  23. Interloper
  24. Subject
  25. Forwarder
  26. Infiltrator
  27. Marshall
  28. Exterminator
  29. Mortician
  30. Bazaar
  31. Unified Method
  32. Component
  33. Registry
  34. Delegator

Listening to a really great guitar player play acoustic is like watching Michael Jordan play baseball...
--Thomas Jay Peckish II, on the merits of the electric guitar...

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