Pattern Refactoring


A number of us have put off following up on a fascinating, and
surprisingly productive OOPSLA Workshop from back in 2000, in

Workshops -- Monday

Pattern Refactoring

I should dredge up my notes from this confab and post 'em...

5 September 2003
Death Valley Days #2

Recall that Ronald Reagan was one of the hosts of Death Valley Days…

An UP Observation: We are remoras on the Gang of Four barracuda. Only the GOF out-takes seem to have stuck:



Three of these came from the Smalltalk world.

While there was some talk about the POSA patterns, they didn’t seem to make their way into the discussion all that much.

The test of a pattern is whether it really does

Do a GOF Talmud Page, to go with the GOF Thoughts shrine. Include Proxy Revisited, Null Object, Extension, Serializer, Type Object, Editor, etc.

The two observations above are from my 1997 notes. The following list is from the OOPSLA 2000 Workshop on Pattern Refactoring.

GoF Outtakes

1. Null Object
2. Abstract Class
3. Interface Class
4. Boilerplate Class
5. Type Object
6. Reifaction/Objectify
7. Serializer
8. Extension Object
9. Product-Trader
10. Bureaucracy
11. Role / Extension
12. Property
13. Whole Value
14. Abstract Object
15. Curried Object
16. Factory Object
17. Natural Object
18. Tools and Materials
19. Layer Object
20. MVC
21. Master-Slave
22. Publish-Observer
23. Presenter
24. Multiple Representations

Interpreter -
Abstract Factory -
Factory Method - -
Template Method - -
Decorator - - -

Iterator broadened to Streams

Provides Information


Façade Adapter Decorator Bridge Proxy

Double Dispatch
Abstract Class

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